Wiring Rules to be followed by Electrical Services

According to the 2018 edition of AS/NZ3000 wiring rules for all electrical service providers have been a game-changer for an electrical contractor. The technical director of Legrand, Dennis Galvin has discussed how he has contributed to the latest changes a why it is important for the electrical industry.

In electrical industry there major leading players, like  – Legrand, Clipsal, and Eaton who joined SAI Global Association – In discussion they contributed by explaining about how the new standards are determined and the impact of this has been on electricians who provide electrical services across the nation to people who trust them.

As an Australian Industries Group representative of the EL-001 committee responsible for the changes to the standards for any electrical installation requirements, Legrand’s Technical Director, Dennis Galvin, discusses some important changes in rules.

In the discussion panel, the experts have revealed the various projects will be completed differently. While some electrical jobs may take longer, incur differently due to which cost may vary or require a different approach or products used. 

Top 5 things to be followed by every electrical service provider as wiring rules:

  1. Safety Measures – Working with wires is bit complicated that can have range of safety risks complying with rules mention in section AS/NZS3000 – wiring rules.
  2. Changes in Technology – Since the previous edition of the wiring rules – electrical services. For instance in year 2018 edition of wiring rules, there are information on electrical vehicle sockets outlets and their installation.
  3. Improved Installation – The new updated wiring rules includes all safety requirements for cable that pass through bulk thermal insulation, plus a revamped safety service section that is now topic-related.
  4. Mandatory Requirement for Electrical Equipment – The new wiring rules include a number of mandatory changes required.
  5. Enhanced requirements for electrical service repairs – All electrical services are the bread and butter for any electrician or electrical contractor across the globe. It’s not surprise that in the newest edition of AS/NZS3000 section the updated requirements for alteration and repair have been clarified.

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