What is Level 2 Metering?

Meters are devices that measure and record the electricity passed through an access point. The connections to homes or commercial spaces to determine the amount of electricity used is level 2 metering. These systems are delicate and complex and therefore need special training for an electrician to work on safely and effectively. As a general rule, a level 2 metering certification is needed for any electrical work before the main circuit breaker of a home. Services inside the home’s electrical system after this do not require the qualification.

When it comes to electricians, a level 2 electrical certification allows for them to work on overhead, underground, and metering systems for power supply. Level 2 metering services involve the installation, maintenance, and upgrades of home power supply systems and connections. Level 2 electricians are also qualified to do the same work as other electricians, so they will be able to service many other electrical needs.

 Some of the main tasks involved in level 2 metering include:

  • Installing and upgrading meters.
  • Connection and disconnection of home power supply.
  • Underground and overhead power supply cabling.
  • Upgrading single-phase to three-phase systems.
  • Many more electrical tasks.

To become qualified for level 2 metering work, a person must first hold an electrical contractor’s license. This is obtained through completing an electrical apprenticeship. An additional course is then required to be trained for level 2 works. After completing the course, an electrical can apply for authorization to perform the tasks.

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