Team Divisions

Although we all pull together, the divisions at JBE run accordingly:

  • Civil Excavation
    • Our team handles all NBN, Electrical excavation and cable laying within the property and authorised in nature strips.
    • Installation and Erection of Property Poles
  • Authorised Service Connections (Level 2)
    • Our team internally handles all underground and overhead level 2 connections and metering. All performed at immediate installation of frame or prior if required.
  • Field Core
    • Handling of all Rough-ins, Cut-Outs and finish offs.
    • A Fully licensed Tradesman and Apprentices are in charge of a team of usually 3-4
    • Our fleet consists of over 20 vehicles including vans, utes & excavators.
  • Security/ Low Voltage/ NBN/ Ducted Vacuums
    • licensed installers provide security alarm systems, ducted vacuum, Cameras, Intercoms, NBN solutions, Audio Visual, Tv and much more
  • Maintenance and Appliances
    • Our Storeman is charged with ensuring stock availability, ordering and job picking ahead of schedule and be ready to handle any issues that may arise in any shape or form.
    • Dedicated teams to respond to urgent builders maintenance and appliance installations as they are booked
  • Admin
    • Well trained and cross versed across all customer dealings and unique requirements, Our admin team is not only ready to be of service to our customers but also able to complete all enquiries in a quick fashion
    • Covering all enquiries from Certification needs, Customer Account Set ups, Customer Power applications, Metering facilities, HR, WH&S Obligations, Direct dealings with our customers and their customers And much more
  • Consultation
    • Our Success and growth can be largely attributed to the successful consultation environment we have created and the excellent consultants we have developed
    • We handle all customer appointments for our builders customers and strive to offer nothing short of a truly honest, informative and relaxed approach about all the possibilities when it comes to their home
    • From plan and program creation on software - to contacting the clients prior and post consultation, the JBE Team have got you covered!

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At JBE you can count on Direct, Reliable and Efficient Service. The way we handle business is to be centrally involved with all facets without outsourcing any item second hand.

These controls have allowed us to remain in command of our delivery without compromise.

From start to finish JBE is central to all systems