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When building a new home, there is a lot to think about and manage. In all of the chaos of managing a building process, it is easy to forget about the essentials such as electricity. For home electrical systems, it is important to consider the location and number of outlets, as well as the amount of power and energy efficiency required. A quality new home electrician can make the process of wiring your home, and placing ample outlets easy and hassle-free.

Power outlets are one of the main installations which need to be performed by every new home electrician. The number of outlets depends on the people and appliances in use but it is often underestimated, so consider your needs carefully. It is important to have enough outlets from the start and not rely on power boards. Some common positions for power outlets include:

  • Living Room – outlets will be needed behind the TV and near the couch for chargers.
  • Bedrooms – the most common place is next to the bed; ensure there are ample outlets for lamps, phones and other devices.
  • Kitchen – a new home electrician can consult to determine where outlets should be placed for each major appliance in the kitchen.
  • Bathrooms – have outlets in a safe place away from water for equipment like hairdryers.

It is important to ensure that your electrical system can handle the current and power requirements for the number of devices that will be in use. If this isn’t done, failure could occur when many outlets are in use. A new home electrician will be able to assess the specific requirements of each home.

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