3 Things to Note before your New Home Electrician Appointment

Often when building a new home, residents get excited and overwhelmed with the whole procedure beginning from the planning stage to the handover. One of the stages includes coming up with an electrical plan which will suit your new home. Often a new home electrician will know the best options when it comes to residential electrical services for your new home, but it is important to note 3 things before you plan your electrical layout.

1. The location of outlets

The location of outlets can either make or break the layout of your house. Nowadays everything heavily relies on electricity, and ensuring you have the best setup for your house is important. You will first need to consider where you will need power outlets the most based on your daily use, and where you will be placing your furniture so you can conveniently locate each outlet. Before your electrical appointment, it is a good idea to create a brief plan and go to your appointment with this plan. The new home electrician can then help you by adjusting your plan to make sure it is convenient and efficient for your new home.

2. Security for your home

Security is something you should be considering for your new home. Depending on your needs, you may choose to install a CCTV security system at your new home to ensure the safety of your new home. Another option residents choose to go with is a security alarm system that detects motion and lets you turn it on when you leave the home, and off when you return back home. Another way to ensure security is by installing lighting at every exterior entry and exit door of your home to lighten up the area in the evenings.

3. Energy efficiency

A larger number of residents are now choosing options to save them costs while using an energy-efficient plan for their new home. Some of the options you can follow include solar panels and an energy-efficient lighting plan. Solar panels are a source of renewable energy and instantly drop down the costs of your electricity bills. Energy-efficient lighting plans will also help to reduce a big price from your bills by choosing the right lighting which could be either LED or other energy-efficient bulbs.

Talking to a new home electrician for your residential electrical services can be beneficial as they can help to come up with the best plan for you. At JBE Group, we consult new homeowners with their plans to ensure they know about all the possibilities and the best electrical solutions for their new home, for more information contact us on  02 46477988.

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