3 Energy Saving Tips for this Autumn – electrical services

As autumn has started, you’ll notice the temperature getting much cooler and the use of electrical services raising electrical bills. Instead of changing energy plans, making minor changes to your daily life can help increase energy efficiency and lower your household bills. Try these tips during autumn to save energy and lower your bills.

1. Upgrading appliances

As newer products in the market are more energy efficient upgrading older appliances, electrical services, and technologies within your home to these newer products can help to reduce a big number when it comes to bills. Begin by minor changes such as electrical services, one product you can upgrade is inefficient light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs such as LED. You can then slowly upgrade your other appliances such as heaters, fridges, dishwashers, etc.

2. Make the most out of the sun

The most important thing to do during autumn is to take advantage of the sun on colder days. Opening your blinds and curtains when the sun rises will let the sunlight come in to warm up and brighten up your home, when the sun sets close your blinds and curtains to trap the heat in and let the inside stay warmer for a bit longer. This will save you from using electrical services such as lighting and heaters to boost up your bills.

3. Think twice before turning the heater on

In the evenings, a large number of households often use electrical services including an electric blanket or turn on the heater to warm up the home and their room before going to bed. Heaters can be inefficient and can increase your bills rapidly, but one way to prevent this is by asking yourself ‘Can I layer up more?’. If you can add another layer of clothing you don’t need to turn on the heater, it will be much more energy-efficient and cost-efficient than using the heater.

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